Not many people can boast the individual and business successes and accomplishments that Australian-based property specialist Gordon Rutty can. From massive success in the hard-hitting market of Australian property to the jab and cross of the amateur boxing ring, Gordon Rutty is a DIY kind of guy that lives up to the term. He’s even donated one of his kidneys to a dialysis patient that he has never even met.

6 years ago, with the help of over 2 decades of experience in the Australian property market,  Gordon Rutty founded the SPR (Smart Property Research) Group, a company as genuine and upfront as the man at the helm himself.

  • Gordon Rutty set up the SPR Group with three main tenets in mind that he refused to compromise on:
  • Through awareness and data, I believe that Australians need to take responsibility for and become more proactive with their own wealth creation strategies, particularly with a view to retirement funding
  • Property ownership in Australia is an investment strategy option that should be attainable and secure for all Australians
  • My team and their expertise must bridge the gap between investor desire and optimal outcome. My staff must remove the guesswork from property ownership and provide complete property solutions.

Its business attitudes like this that have seen Gordon Rutty go on to become one of the most successful property strategists in Australia. And it’s also this outlook on business that has seen Gordon Rutty take on, tame and master some of life’s most troubling obstacles too.

At the age of 50, Gordon Rutty made the decision to become a living organ donor and donate one of his kidneys to a total stranger who was married with children and had spent the last 5 years on dialysis. “It is an incredible feeling and very rewarding to know you have been able to give someone a better life, and potentially given them more life” says Gordon Rutty of the experience.

This decision has also led Gordon Rutty to further tap into his philanthropic side, maintaining a close relationship with Transplant Australia for whom he fundraises and sponsors outings for transplant children.

There aren’t many people out there like Gordon Rutty and the good news for his colleagues, friends and family around him is that he doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.



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